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S E A R C H    D V D B e a v e r

(aka 'Le Salaire de la violence')


Directed by Phil Karlson
USA 1958


Lee Hackett (Van Heflin) became a rancher the hard way, and he has two sons - different but still part of him. His youngest (Tab Hunter), more in his mold, has learned to settle things with a gun and is accused of murdering a half-breed Indian. His eldest (James Darren) is sweet on the murdered man's sister (Kathryn Grant). Phil Karlson's Gunman's Walk weaves the story of these conflicts as adeptly as he's done in the Noir style. The tension mounts as the 'bad seed' can only be dealt with in one way. The result? - an excellent 50's western.


Theatrical Release: July, 1958

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DVD Review: Sidonis - Region 2 - PAL

DVD Box Cover


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Distribution Sidonis - Region 2 - PAL
Runtime 1:30:54
Video 2.60:1 Aspect Ratio
Average Bitrate: 8.1 mb/s
PAL 720x576 25.00 f/s

NOTE: The Vertical axis represents the bits transferred per second. The Horizontal is the time in minutes.


Audio English (Dolby Digital 2.0), DUB: French (Dolby Digital 2.0)
Subtitles French, None

Release Information:
Studio: Sidonis

Aspect Ratio:
Original Aspect Ratio 2.60:1

Edition Details:

• Patrick Brion
• Bernard Tavernier

DVD Release Date: November 23rd, 2010

Keep Case inside cardboard sleeve
Chapters: 12



This is a classic western - a perfect genre fit in every sense. A damn pleasure to see. The patriarch role becomes complicated and there are obvious sentiments to racial discrimination of native Americans.

The dual-layered DVD image is slightly pictureboxed (black bars on the side edges) - limiting the horizontal resolution - and has a case of CinemaScope 'mumps' (horizontally stretched) caused by Bausch & Lomb lenses. It is listed on the box as 2.35:1 but end up being just over 2.60:1 on this Sidonis PAL DVD. Neither of these issues deterred my enjoyment of this fine western. It is progressive, anamorphic and sports optional French subtitles. It's a very clean and a decently detailed image - colors and contrast are strong. Overall I was given a pleasing presentation.

Audio is unremarkable but without disturbing flaws. There is an optional French DUB.

NOTE: We've been informed that some DVD players have trouble removing the French subtitles when the English language option is chosen.

There are two extras - but only in the French language with no subtitles. It amounts to 1/2 hour in total with Patrick Brion and Bernard Tavernier giving thoughts on the film and Karlson.

ListServ bud, Aussie Noel Bjorndahl, has it as one of his top SD releases of 2010 - and this brought it to my attention. Karlson helms the film so well - and it's a solid story with the always reliable Heflin turning his usual solid performance. Tab Hunter is surprising as another positive. A very appealing western with the DVD disc as an 'only-game-in-town' encouragement for recommendation to purchase. Vintage fans of westerns and the director should indulge... 

Gary W. Tooze


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DVD Box Cover


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Distribution Sidonis - Region 2 - PAL

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S E A R C H    D V D B e a v e r


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