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Tremors HD-DVD

(Ron Underwood, 1990)


Universal (USA)

1.85:1 1080p - VC-1 encode

136 minutes

Audio: English Dolby TrueHD; English, DD 5.1 DUB: French, DD 2.0

Subtitles: English (CC), French, none

Extras: Making of..., Profiles, Outtakes

Released: November 20th, 2007

HD-DVD case

18 chapters


The Film:

'The phones are dead, the roads are out... we're on our own!' All is not well in Perfection, Nevada, a remote desert town. Itinerant cowpokes Val (Bacon) and Earl (Ward) are all set to up sticks when they happen across a corpse perched incongruously atop a telegraph pole...and then another, apparently swallowed up by the earth. Huge, carnivorous, worm-like creatures, capable of tunnelling at incredible speeds in response to seismic vibrations, are literally undermining Perfection. With a tip of the hat towards its '50s forefathers, this canny genre entry exploits its novel subterranean threat to the max, the ingenious situations being orchestrated with considerable skill by first-time director Underwood. Bacon and Ward project a wonderful low-key rapport, based initially on jokey ignorance before giving way to terse apprehension. It's great to hear authentic B movie talk again, especially when the cast takes it upon itself to name the monsters, only to come up with 'graboids' by default, and to debate their probable origin: 'One thing's for sure...them ain't local boys'. This is what a monster movie is supposed to be like, and it's terrific.

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There is nothing 'revolutionary' cinematic about Tremors. It tackles no important emotional issues pertaining to the human condition. It reminded me of cheap, obvious, titillating nostalgic 50's sci-fi films. I loved every minute of it.


It's funny and suspenseful. The performances are believable and you can't help but get the feeling the actors are enjoying themselves. I wish there were more modern films like this... and Alligator. It can be such a relaxing diversion if you give yourself over to it - just a bit. Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward, Michael Gross and Reba McEntire knew they weren't involved in a grandiose Oscar effort. It's just a silly little project - and more to its credit. When you are in the mood - enjoy!

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