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OF March 28th, 2011

We were off last week and are just catching up. We will send out a notice in a few days when we are back on schedule (stay tuned for reviews of The Mikado [Blu-ray], Topsy-Turvy [Blu-ray], Black Swan [Blu-ray], Soylent Green [Blu-ray] and more) and we will have a new contest in place. Below are the upcoming releases. We will be in touch soon! Enjoy!


The Mizoguchi Collection - Osaka Elegy (1936), The Story Of The Last Crysanthemum (1939), Sisters Of The Gion (1936), Utamaro And His Five Wives (1946) - R2 UK Artificial Eye

American Graffiti [Blu-ray] (Special Edition) [Blu-ray] (George Lucas, 1973) Universal

Some Like It Hot [Blu-ray] (Billy Wilder, 1959) MGM

Knock on Any Door (Nicholas Ray, 1949) RB DE Sony

Big Jake [Blu-ray] (George Sherman, 1971) Paramount

A Man Called Horse [Blu-ray] (Elliot Silverstein, 1970) Paramount

M (further restoration) [Blu-ray] (Fritz Lang, 1931) RB DE Universum

Cold Fish [Blu-ray] (Shion Sono, 2010) RB UK Third Window

The Eel (Shôhei Imamura, 1997) R2 UK Artificial Eye

The Horse Soldiers [Blu-ray] (John Ford, 1959) MGM

Rio Lobo [Blu-ray] (Howard Hawks, 1970) Paramount

Once Upon a Time in the West [Blu-ray] (Sergio Leone, 1968) Paramount

Patton (40th Anniversary Limited Edition) [Blu-ray Book] (Franklin J. Schaffner, 1970) - 20th Century Fox

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid [Blu-ray Book] (George Roy Hill, 1969) - 20th Century Fox

True Grit [Blu-ray] (Ethan Coen, Joel Coen, 2010) Paramount Pictures

The Tempest [Blu-ray] (Julie Taymor, 2010) Touchstone

The Image [Blu-ray] (Radley Metzger, 1975) Synapse Films

61* [Blu-ray] (Billy Crystal, 2001) HBO

The Company Men [Blu-ray] (John Wells, 2010) Weinstein

The Other Woman [Blu-ray] (Don Roos, 2011) MPI

The Green Hornet (Three-Disc Combo: Blu-ray 3D / Blu-ray / DVD) (Michel Gondry, 2011) Sony Pictures

Scarface [Blu-ray] (Brian De Palma, 1983) Universal

Scarface [Blu-ray] (Brian De Palma, 1983) Universal UK

Scarface Limited Edition Steelbook [Blu-ray] (Brian De Palma, 1983) Universal UK

Barry Lyndon [Blu-ray] (Stanley Kubrick, 1975) Warner

Lolita [Blu-ray] (Stanley Kubrick, 1962) Warner

Jacques Cousteau - The Silent World [Blu-ray] - RB UK History Channel
Jacques Cousteau - Voyage to the Edge of the World [Blu-ray] - RB UK History Channel
Jacques Cousteau - World Without Sun [Blu-ray] - RB UK History Channel

Wake Wood [Blu-ray] (David Keating, 2011) MPI

Taxi Driver [Blu-ray] (Martin Scorsese, 1976) RB UK Sony Pictures

The Bridge On The River Kwai [Blu-ray] (David Lean, 1957) RB UK Sony Pictures

Being John Malkovich [Blu-ray] (Spike Jonze, 1999) RB UK Cinram Logistics


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March 28th, 2011


Alice in Wonderland [Blu-ray] (Tim Burton, 2010) Walt Disney Video (BEAVER REVIEW)

Black Swan [Blu-ray] (Darren Aronofsky, 2010) Fox Searchlight Pictures

A Day In The Life - Four Portraits Of Post-war Britain [Blu-ray] - RB UK - BFI

Dead Awake [Blu-ray] (Omar Naim, 2010) First Look Pictures

Dementia 13 [Blu-ray] (Francis Ford Coppola, 1963) 2-disc HD Cinema Classics

Dogtooth [Blu-ray] (Yorgos Lanthimos, 2010) Kino

The Dorm That Dripped Blood [Blu-ray] (Stephen Carpenter, Jeffrey Obrow, 1982) Synapse Films

Early Kurosawa - Collection - Sanshuro Sugata (1943), Sanshuro Sugata No 2 (1945), The Most Beautiful (1944), The Men Who Tread On The Tiger's Tail (1952), No Regrets For Our Youth (1946) And One Wonderful Sunday (1947) - R2 UK BFI

The Greatest Game Ever Played [Blu-ray] (Bill Paxton, 2005) Walt Disney Video (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Greatest Story Ever Told [Blu-ray] (George Stevens, David Lean, Jean Negulesco - 1965) MGM

Hammett (Wim Wenders, 1982) RB UK Optimum

I vinti aka The Vanquished (Michelangelo Antonioni, 1953) Raro Video

Inferno [Blu-ray] (Dario Argento, 1980) Blue Underground (BEAVER REVIEW)

King of Kings [Blu-ray] (Nicholas Ray, 1961) Warner (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Lighthouse (Mariya Saakyan, 2006) R2 UK Second Run

Limelight [Blu-ray] (Charles Chaplin, 1952) RB UK - Park Circus

The Lion in Winter [Blu-ray] (Anthony Harvey, 1968) RA JP IVC

Mad Men: Season Four [Blu-ray] - LionsGate

Made in Dagenham [Blu-ray] (Nigel Cole, 2010) Sony

Manhunter [Blu-ray] (Michael Mann, 1986) RB UK Optimum

5 Centimeters Per Second [Blu-ray] (Makoto Shinkai, 2007) RB UK Manga Entertainment

Miracle [Blu-ray] (Gavin O'Conner, 2004) Walt Disney Studios (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Mikado (Victor Schertzinger, 1939) Criterion
The Mikado [
Blu-ray] (Victor Schertzinger, 1939) Criterion

Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow (Sophie Fiennes, 2010) R2 UK Artificial Eye

Poor Pretty Eddie [Blu-ray] (Chris Robinson, David Worth, 1975) Cultra

The Resident [Blu-ray] (Antti Jokinen, 2010) Image Entertainment

The Rookie [Blu-ray] (John Lee Hancock, 2002) Walt Disney Studios (BEAVER REVIEW)

Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Collection [Blu-ray] (14-films on 5 discs) MPI

Soylent Green [Blu-ray] (Richard Fleischer, 1973) Warner

The Spiderwick Chronicles [Blu-ray] (Mark Waters, 2008) Paramount (BEAVER REVIEW)

Summer Wars [Blu-ray] (Mamoru Hosoda, 2009) RB UK Manga Entertainment

The Ten Commandments [Blu-ray] (Cecil B. DeMille, 1956) Paramount (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Ten Commandments (Limited Edition Gift Set) [Blu-ray] Paramount

The Terror [Blu-ray] (Roger Corman, Francis Ford Coppola, Monte Hellman, Jack Hill + Jack Nicholson, 1963) HD Cinema Classics

Thunder in the City (Marion Gering, 1937) VCI (BEAVER REVIEW)

Topsy-Turvy (Mike Leigh, 1999) Criterion
Topsy-Turvy [
Blu-ray] (Mike Leigh, 1999) Criterion

Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives (Apichatpong Weerasethakul, 2010) R2 UK New Wave Films

Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives [Blu-ray] (Apichatpong Weerasethakul, 2010) R2 UK New Wave Films

We Are What We Are [Blu-ray] (Jorge Michel Grau, 2010) R2 UK Chelsea Cinema


April 4th, 2011


...And Justice for All [Blu-ray] (Norman Jewison, 1979) Image Entertainment

About a Boy [Blu-ray] (Chris Weitz, Paul Weitz, 2002) RB UK Cinram Logistics

Araya (Margot Benacerraf, 1959) Milestone Cinematheque

Artificial Intelligence: AI [Blu-ray] (Steven Spielberg, 2001) - Dreamworks (BEAVER REVIEW)

Babe [Blu-ray] (Chris Noonan, 1995) Universal Studios

Boudu Saved from Drowning [Blu-ray] (Jean Renoir, 1932) RB UK Park Circus

Come Undone (Silvio Soldini, 2010) Film Movement

Don't Look Now [Blu-ray] (Nicolas Roeg, 1973) RB UK Optimum

Fiddler on the Roof [Blu-ray] (Norman Jewison, 1971) MGM

I Love You Phillip Morris [Blu-ray] (Glenn Ficarra, John Requa, 2009) Consolidated Pictures

Masterpiece Classic: Downton Abbey [Blu-ray] - PBS Direct

Mean Streets [Blu-ray] (Martin Scorsese, 1973) RB FR Carlotta Films

Minnie and Moskowitz (John Cassavetes, 1971) R2 UK Mr Bongo

Miral (Julian Schnabel, 2010) R2 UK 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

The Mountain (Edward Dmytryk, 1956) Olive Films (BEAVER REVIEW)

The Night of the Generals (Anatole Litvak, 1967) Sony

Obsession (Brian De Palma, 1976) R2 UK Arrow Video

Peter Pan [Blu-ray] (P.J. Hogan, 2003) Universal Studios

Rope of Sand (William Dieterle, 1949) Olive Films (BEAVER REVIEW)

Tales of Beatrix Potter [Blu-ray] (Reginald Mills, 1971) RB UK Elevation Sales

Taxi Driver [Blu-ray] (Martin Scorsese, 1976) Columbia Tristar

Taxi Driver [Blu-ray] (Martin Scorsese, 1976) RB DE Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

TCM Greatest Films: Johnny Weissmuller As Tarzan Vol. 1 - TCM



April 11th, 2011


Adua & Her Friends Adua (Antonio Pietrangeli, 1960) Raro Video

The Bob Hope Collection: Volume Two (The Great Lover / Paris Holiday / The Private Navy of Sgt. O'Farrell / How to Commit Marriage / Son of Paleface / Cancel My Reservation) - Shout! Factory

Cars [Blu-ray] (John Lasseter, Joe Ranft, 2006) Disney*Pixar (BEAVER REVIEW)

Cat O Nine Tails [Blu-ray] (Dario Argento, 1971) RB UK Arrow Films

Le Cercle Rouge [Blu-ray] (Jean-Pierre Melville, 1970) Criterion

Dirty Mary Crazy Larry / Race With The Devil - Shout! Factory

Elephant White [Blu-ray] (Prachya Pinkaew, 2011) First Look Pictures

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time [Blu-ray] (Mamoru Hosoda, 2006) Bandai Visual

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 [Blu-ray] (David Yates, 2010) Warner Home Video

I'm Dangerous with Love (Michel Negroponte, 2009) First Run Features

The Incredibles [Blu-ray] (Brad Bird, 2004) Walt Disney Video

Laila (George Schnéevoigt, 1929) Flicker Alley

Marwencol (Jeff Malmberg, 2010) Cinema Guild

The Paranoids (Gabriel Medina, 2008) Oscilloscope Laboratories

Plastic Planet (Werner Boote, 2009) First Run Features

Rubber [Blu-ray] (Quentin Dupieux, 2010) RB UK Elevation Sales

Secret of Dorian Gray (Massimo Dallamano, 1970) Raro Video

A Summer in Genoa (Michael Winterbottom, 2008) Entertainment One

Tracy & Hepburn the Definitive Collection (Woman of the Year; Keeper of the Flame; Without Love; The Sea of Grass; State of the Union; Adam's Rib; Desk Set; and Guess Who's Coming to Dinner) Warner Home Video

Two in the Wave (Emmanuel Laurent, 2010) R2 UK New Wave Films

White Material (Claire Denis, 2009) Criterion

White Material [Blu-ray] (Claire Denis, 2009) Criterion



April 18th, 2011


The Bicycle Thieves [Blu-ray] (Vittorio De Sica, 1948) RB UK Arrow Films

Les diaboliques [Blu-ray] (Henri-Georges Clouzot, 1955) RB UK Arrow Academy

Les diaboliques [Blu-ray Dual Format] (Henri-Georges Clouzot, 1955) RB UK Arrow Academy

The Ernie Kovacs Collection - Shout! Factory

The Fantastic Factory Collection (Beyond Re-Animator, Faust, Arachnid, Romasanta) R2 UK Arrow

Der Tiger von Eschnapur / Das indische Grabmal (Fritz Lang's Indian Epic) - Masters of Cinema

Gaumont Treasures Vol. 2: 1908-1916 - Kino

He (Creep Creepersin, 2009) Severin

Henri-Georges Clouzot's Inferno [Blu-ray] (Serge Bromberg, Ruxandra Medrea, 2009) Flicker Alley

Ingrid Bergman: 3-Film Collection [Intermezzo, A Womans Face, June Night] - Kino

Junebug [Blu-ray] (Phil Morrison, 2005) Eureka (BEAVER REVIEW)

Kes (Ken Loach, 1969) Criterion
[Blu-ray] (Ken Loach, 1969) Criterion

The King's Speech [Blu-ray] (Tom Hooper, 2010) Weinstein /Anchor Bay

Knock on Any Door (Nicholas Ray, 1949) RB DE Sony

The Machine Girl [Blu-ray] (Noboru Iguchi, 2008) Tokyo Shock

Monamour [Blu-ray] (Tinto Brass, 2006) Cult Epics

Rabbit Hole [Blu-ray] (John Cameron Mitchell, 2010) Lionsgate

Somewhere [Blu-ray] (Sofia Coppola, 2010) Focus Features

Sweetie [Blu-ray] (Jane Campion, 1989) Criterion

Tokyo Gore Police [Blu-ray] (Yoshihiro Nishimura, 2008) Tokyo Shock

The Way Back [Blu-ray] (Peter Weir, 2010) Image Entertainment


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