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Re: Review: Dogma

From: Mark
Date: 21 Jun 2000
Time: 10:03:43


I wasn't too fond of Dogma, either. It's not the movie's fault, though, it's Kevin Smith's. I don't like the guy. He appears to me pretentious and egotistic, when he's really a comic book writer that curses a lot. In that case, I guess his films reflect his nature.

His directing is very uninspired. At times, the movie is difficult to look at because the editing is simply he's talking, now she's talking, and back to the first guy. People have noticed this and said that Kevin Smith should stick to writing. I would say the same, if I didn't find his writing to be terrible, especially in this movie.

Every actor walks on, tells the story of their life up to that point and exactly what they think of God. The only reason there is so much talking in this movie is directly because of his lack of a writer's ingenuity. He fails in delivering his message in subtle tones. While his other films had an excuse to be talkative, Dogma relies on conversation skills to further PLOT. In doing this, he ruined a potentially good idea.

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