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Review: City Lights

From: Bill Binder
Date: 27 May 2000
Time: 13:32:17


Before I bought it, I heard the video quality was better than previous LD copies. But I was amazed that the film was beautiful. I've never seen film that old look so good. The original soundtrack is included as is the rescored 1980's version (it is the same score, but was rerecorded with a full orchestra with better recording equiptment) in uncompressed PCM audio.

There are also some supplements including much of the original publicity for the film. I was very impressed by the effort that went into this disk since it is probably not a huge seller. "Modern Times" is also very good, and I'm sure "Gold Rush" will be as well when it gets here.

One interesting side note. The disk is presented by CBS FOX! I didn't know they even still exsisted. I haven't seen that logo in fifteen years. It was strange to see on a DVD.

Bill Binder

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