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Re: Review: Dogma

From: Brent
Date: 24 May 2000
Time: 16:43:01


One point Kevin Smith tries to make here is that God is funny. As proof, an opening “disclaimer” points to the platypus. That animal would make a good mascot for the movie. Like the platypus, the film is a curious hodge-podge. It contains a bit of vulgarity, some good wisecracks, and in the end, a lot of intellectual discourse into the nature of faith.

I found it to be an entertaining breath of fresh air. It doesn’t always work; sometimes it drags, sometimes its too self important, but Smith should a least be congratulated for having the guts to make himself a target by opening up such a discussion.

Lastly, as proof Smith is at least on the right track here, I point to his obviously divinely inspired choice to cast a Canadian as God. After all, while God’s sense of humour led to the platypus, the platypus ended up Down Under, while upon Canada was bestowed the noble beaver.

I haven’t decided on a final rating. I’m leaning to 3 ˝ stars out of five, but I may go to 4, or heaven forbid 4 ˝, just to piss off the web master of this site (who considers himself God when it comes to movie judgements).

How’s that for irreverence…

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