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Review: High Noon

From: Gary
Date: 24 May 2000
Time: 11:55:24


High Noon is all about morality. The DVD is digitally remastered in THX sound. It is a flawless transfer.

A retiring lawman about to leave town with his new bride seeks allies among the fearful townspeople when an outlaw he put in prison returns with his gang to take revenge in this classic western.

Coincidently this film was shown at the height of the McCarthy hearings in 1952. this was a time when many Hollywood celebrities were feeling their friends dessert them. Gary Cooper won best actor Oscar for his portrayal of Marshal Will Kane. The cast was filled to the brim with excellent performances from Grace Kelly, Sheb Wooley, Lloyd Bridges, Lee Van Cleef. etc. Probably the stereotype for the term “American Classic” this film was subtly suspenseful with constant glances toward the clock. The DVD was like watching the movie in its brand new state. I would highly recommend this movie for any serious Buff’s collection. It is a masterpiece. I feel I could watch it again right away.

4 ˝ stars out of 5


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