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Review: Dogma

From: Gary
Date: 23 May 2000
Time: 14:52:26


Dogma Review:

First of all I will openly admit that this film is not MY type of movie. Something about Kevin Smith movies lack a certain production quality that I need for a willing suspension of disbelief. Perhaps I am old fashioned in that regard. I am also not overly favorable to directors who give themselves parts in their movies. ( Hitchcock walking on/off camera is NOT a “part” ). It stinks of ego and self-importance.

The general plot involves the great grand niece of Jesus Christ being enlisted to prevent two angels from reentering Heaven and thus undoing the fabric of the universe. Along the way she is aided by two prophets Jay and Silent Bob. With the help of Rufus, the 13th Apostle, they must stop those who stand in their way and prevent the angels from entering Heaven.

Okay if you have a real bent-on against the Catholic Church ( and understands all the tradition and doctrine ) you will probably get a chuckle out of the sly humor. There didn’t seem to actually be any “acting’ in the movie. They all seemed to be playing themselves ( perhaps that is the sign of great acting ). The script was focused to carry them all… and for me it did NOT !

It was cleaver, but reminded me of homemade movies, and no suspense, no special effects, no subtle directorial techniques…. Nothing, except the script, which was mediocre at best. Just because a movie pokes fun at an important institution, is no reason to hail it as a classic. This movie was okay… just okay. Its attempt to carve out a niche for itself in genre and style may have worked, only time will tell. But I ain’t wait’in to see.

2 ½ stars out of 5


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