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Review: Shawshank Redemption

From: Gary
Date: 19 May 2000
Time: 09:34:55


Shawshank is one of the better DVDís out there today, without question. I am a sucker for Prison flics ( if you see my collection: Papillon, Great Escape etc. ) but this is probably the best one ever. I canít think of too many Morgan Freeman movies that I didnít enjoy his performance in. This movie has the most important aspect of a great movie for me: It has no flaws: Great story. Great acting And the technical aspects of the story are all covered in depth.

I found it interesting when in the scene when they are organizing the library books, Tim Robbins specifically mentions ďThe Count of Monte CristoĒ of which this Steven King short story must be based.

I watched this movie without distraction even as itís the 8th time I have seen it. Great audio, Great video. Made me feel great at the end.

My first perfect rating 5 stars out of 5


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