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Worst DVD Purchased

From: Manuel Moreno
Date: 15 May 2000
Time: 17:33:32


DVD Purchased: Worst DVD Purchased

Name: Manuel Moreno

Email: mach0duck@aol.com


How about a "Worst Movie of All Time" list.

I would like to start by nominating "Thin Red Line"

That movie totally blew!

I rented it (thank gawd I didn't buy it) last weekend and couldn't wait for It to end. I almost stopped it during the movie but luckly a battle scene would erupt so i had to see who would finally be put out of thier misery for being in this waste of 3hrs, which ill never get back.

I though maybe i was just lacking some kind of "artistic" DNA link, but I asked everyone at work and they all said the exact same thing.

It sucked azz!

I just think this would be a good catagory to start.

Thank you for you time.


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