1.	2001: A Space Odyssey – HD DVD (Warner Home Video)
2.	The 3 Penny Opera (Criterion)
3.	Army of Shadows (Criterion)
4.	Barbara Stanwyck – The Signature Collection (Warner Home Video)
5.	Battleship Potemkin (Kino)
6.	Battlestar Galactica: Season One – HD DVD (Universal)
7.	Berlin Alexanderplatz (Second Sight Films)
8.	Berlin Alexanderplatz (Criterion)
9.	Bicycle Thieves (Criterion)
10.	Blade Runner – Four-Disc Collector’s Edition (Warner Home Video)
11.	Blade Runner – 5-Disc Collector’s Edition HD DVD (Warner Home Video)
12.	Blade Runner: The Final Cut – Two-Disc Special Edition (Warner Home Video)
13.	Brute Force (Criterion)
14.	Caligula – Three-Disc Imperial Edition (Image Entertainment)
15.	Close Encounters of the Third Kind: 30th Anniversary Ultimate Edition – Blu-Ray (Sony)
16.	Eyes Wide Shut – HD DVD (Warner)
17.	Ford at Fox Collection (20th Century Fox)
18.	Good Night and Good Luck – Blu-Ray (Warner Home Video)
19.	I Am Cuba: The Ultimate Edition (New Yorker/Milestone)
20.	Icons of Horror Collection: Sam Katzman (Sony)
21.	Ivan’s Childhood (Criterion)
22.	Killer of Sheep (New Yorker/Milestone)
23.	Late Ozu (Criterion/Eclipse)
24.	Le Silence de la mer – Masters of Cinema (Eureka)
25.	Les Diaboliques (Arrow Films)
26.	Marketa Lazarova (Secondrun)
27.	Mikio Naruse Collection (BFI)
28.	Mouchette (Criterion)
29.	Nosferatu – Masters of Cinema (Eureka)
30.	Nosferatu – Two-Disc Ultimate Edition (Kino)
31.	Sansho Dayu/Gion Bayashi – Masters of Cinema (Eureka)
32.	Sawdust and Tinsel (Criterion)
33.	The Seventh Seal: 50th Anniversary Special Edition – Standard DVD (Tartan)
34.	Stanley Kubrick Directors Series (Warner Home Video)
35.	Star Trek: The Complete First Season – HD DVD/Standard Combo (Paramount)
36.	Tabu – Masters of Cinema (Eureka)
37.	Theorem (BFI)
38.	Twin Peaks: The Complete Series – The Definitive Gold Box Edition (Paramount)
39.	Why Has Bodhi-Dharma Left for the East? (New Yorker/Milestone)






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