John Nolan (Jeff Goldblum) sells life insurance. He is  good at his job. He wears great suits and exudes a confident air when pitching to clients. One evening, while purchasing a bottle of wine from a deli/liquor store, his value system is shockingly awakened, changing his life forever. He decides to have the wine bottle he chose replaced because the label was scratched. He later views this request as a contributing factor to the death of a ex-con clerk fatally shot in the surprise, panicky hold-up that follows.


Writer/director Matthew Tabak has coordinated a simple puzzle of events to tell a wonderful story of reflection, compassion and readjustment. The pivotal impact on John's life is shown in gradual stages each reflecting his own concern and deepening curiosity for a deceased stranger.

Auggie Rose (a.k.a. "Beyond Suspicion")

by Matthew Tabak

Review of the film and 20th Century Fox DVD by Gary W. Tooze

Goldblum's performance is quite adept, fulfilling all the required elements of a successful businessman who is morally distraught and confused by societies lack of concern over the murder of an ex-con recently released from prison. With no relatives or friends to speak out for him, Auggie Rose's death will hardly be investigated and his body will have no funeral. John, seen as a do-er, will not allow this to pass unmarked, if only by his own conscience.

Unable to accept what he deems as a momentous event passing with only a shake of society's collective head, Nolan continues to pursue the details of Auggie's life regardless of the blasι attitude of the police, his friends or his live-in girlfriend. As John investigates, we too begin to get caught up in his life, perhaps more to see where this journey will take both John and ourselves.

There is enough directorial skill to admire director Tabak, but he is aware enough not to allow it to intrude on the simplicity of his story, not unlike the subtlety of the film's performances.

John eventually uncovers an imminent meeting for Auggie in a bus terminal with a prison pen-pal, the pixie-like Anne Heche. Her inclusion in the story does not seem either appropriate or necessary, but she does help fill a few of the plot holes in Auggie's life that we were previously unaware of. It also actually forces John to seek out a employment as a deli-store clerk to keep up the pretense. NOTE: Her excitement and exuberance stops him from divulging the truth about Auggie and John begins to fill the void created by his death.

It becomes increasingly obvious as the story evolves that John is replacing Auggie and his everyday existence. In a poignant moment John resigns from his business and remarks to past clients what they should be doing when his advice is requested outside on the street. "You know what I think, I think you should go home and make love to your wife..." He continues to briefly expound on his new found ideological philosophy essentially condensing the entire film in a few short sentences. The greatness of his speech and also of the film is that it never attempts to cram this message down your throat. It is John's decision, but we too eventually feel it is the correct one for him.

My only complaint about this film is the imposed re-titling for marketing purposes; "Beyond Suspicion"?? This seems as generic as it gets as well as totally inappropriate for the content of the film. The back cover of the DVD and VHS tape show an almost imperceptibly remembered scene in which Heche holds a gun on a would-be blackmailer. It is obvious what ploy the studio was going for. A shame, but I suppose the life altering experiences and rebirth of one man is not a big enough selling feature these days... certainly not as crowd-drawing as a gun-toting blonde. I LOVED this film and have no trouble giving it out of .

FILM and DVD Details



The widescreen 1.85:1 anamorphic DVD has excellent picture quality and clear Dolby digital 5.1 sound. This is obviously not the DVD to test out your eardrums or impress the neighbors.... the story does not warrant such ostentatious displays. However, the extras on this product are quite extensive with an alternate ending (simply removing the final sequence with Heche) and interviews with the productions principles. A trailer is also included. It has everything except the, perhaps unnecessary, directors commentary.  out of

Full Cast and Crew for
Auggie Rose (2000)

Directed by 
Matthew Tabak 

Writing credits (WGA) 
Matthew Tabak (written by) 

Cast (in credits order) 
Anne Heche .... Lucy 
Jeff Goldblum .... John Nolan 
Nancy Travis .... Carol 
Timothy Olyphant .... Roy Mason 
Joe Santos .... Emanuel 
Richard T. Jones .... Decker 
Kim Coates .... Auggie 
Paige Moss .... Noreen 
Casey Biggs .... Carl 
Richard Gilbert-Hill .... Woods 
Peter Siragusa .... Zeke 
Randall Slavin (I) .... Robber 
Tony Genaro .... Romeo 
Jack Kehler .... Weeks 
Douglas Roberts (I) .... Dr. Sachs 
J.E. Freeman .... Lester 
Hawthorne James .... Macdoogall 
Michael Chieffo .... Mr. Williams 
Tanya Beilke .... Waitress 
Erich Anderson (I) .... Paul 
Sydney Walsh .... Suzanne 
Nick Chinlund .... Salesman 
David Dunard .... Desk Sargeant 
Max Perlich .... Landlord 
Joseph Chrest .... Rhineback (as Joe Chrest) 
Adilah Barnes .... Mailman 
Gerald McCullouch .... Mr. Lark 
Jon Huertas .... Paramedic 
Amy Hill .... Karla 
Tony Perez (I) .... Detective Cole 
Tony Abatemarco .... Maitre D' 
Anthony DeSantis (II) .... Attendant 
Richard Pagano .... Deli Owner #2 
Vince Jolivette .... Customer In Store 
Matthew Tabak .... Customer at the End 
Tom Miller (VII) .... Paramedic #2 

Produced by 
Mark McGarry .... executive producer 
Richard Pagano .... co-producer 
Matthew A. Rhodes .... producer 
Elie Samaha .... executive producer 
Jeremiah Samuels .... executive producer 
Tracee Stanley .... co-producer 
Andrew Stevens .... executive producer 
Dan Stone (I) .... producer 

Original music by 
Don Harper 
Mark Mancina 

Cinematography by 
Adam Kimmel (I) 

Film Editing by 
Brian Berdan 

Casting by 
Eyde Belasco 
Richard Pagano 

Production Design by 
Caroline Hanania 

Art Direction by 
Christopher Tandon 

Set Decoration by 
Lisa Fischer 

Costume Design by 
Wendy Chuck 

Makeup Department 
Carol Strong .... key make-up artist 

Production Management 
Michael P. Flannigan .... production supervisor 

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director 
Susie Balaban .... second second assistant director 
William Paul Clark .... first assistant director 
Dawn Massaro .... second assistant director 

Art Department 
Christy Wilson .... assistant art director 
Mark Woods (II) .... lead man 

Sound Department 
Felipe Borrero .... sound mixer 
Wayne Heitman .... sound re-recording mixer 
Bruce Murphy (I) .... dialogue editor 
Gina Nuccio .... assistant dialogue editor 
Jeanette Surga .... music editor 

Frank Torres (I) .... stunt co-ordinator 

Other crew 
Dominic Aluisi .... camera loader 
Anthony M. Gutierrez .... second assistant camera 
Nicki Johnson .... assistant production office coordinator 
Catherine Kegan .... location manager 
Christie Kwan .... production assistant 
Jamie Lagerhausen .... key grip 
Michael Martinez (I) .... first assistant camera 
Maureen Norton .... post-production supervisor 
Bryan Palliccia .... production assistant 
Joel T. Pashby .... assistant editor 
Michael Santy .... camera operator: "a" camera 
Judith Saunders .... script supervisor 
Ian Watermeier .... finance coordinator 

DVD Technical Information

Release Information:
Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Theatrical Release Date: January 1, 2000
DVD Release Date: July 24, 2001
Run Time: 109 minutes
Production Company: Twentieth Century Fox
Package Type: Keep Case

Aspect Ratio(s):
Widescreen anamorphic - 1.85:1

Discographic Information:
DVD Encoding: Region 1
Layers: Dual
Available Audio Tracks: English (Dolby Digital 5.1), English (Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround), French (Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono)
Available subtitles: English, Spanish

Edition Details:
• Region 1 encoding (US and Canada only)
• Color, Closed-captioned, Widescreen, Dolby
• Commentary by director Matthew Tabak, Jeff Goldblum and producer Daniel Stone
• Behind-the-scenes interviews with Matthew Tabak, Jeff Goldblum and Anne Heche
• Alternate ending
• Widescreen anamorphic format


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