Mark's TOP 10 DVDS < in order >:

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Indisputably significant, due to its scope and communicated importance.

Rich, and beautiful.


An experience comparable to reading Faulkner. Let the story go and the images wash your face.


Everyone is sure to hear the question 'What is art?'. This film poses the question and answers it. A must for any fan of foreign film.


A great performance, and with some good sound. Everybody's favorite Opera DVD.
The student that doesn't quite fit in a classroom setting. This is something I identify with.


These two I somewhat awkwardly slapped together, because they both involve some of my favorite performances, and they both send daggers to my heart.



This is the only silent film on my list, probably because I limited myself

to ten movies, in my collection, which had or have a sublime effect on me. Unfortunately, I didn't allow myself room for films which interest me in a historical context. I guess it's no surprise that the one I did choose happened to be a Passion--a beautiful display of suffering and belief.


One of my more-used DVDs happens to be a very witty though dark satire on society and treatment of women. Pure Shaw. I sometimes skip through it looking for some of those great insults--you squashed cabbage-leaf, you dragon-tailed guttersnipe.


I only recently saw this film, so time and repeated viewings will tell

whether or not this is a classic. I enjoyed it the first two times, which I

must say isn't a good sign. Beautiful.


And lastly, the super-acknowledged foreign cinema masterpiece. One of my first Criterions, I've shown it to so many people since then I am not sure what I think now. I do believe I could recreate it shot-for-shot for memory.