Cinematheque Ontario 

Thanks to Bill McAlpine for the following:
"Winter 2000 issue of the Cinematheque Ontario film program, which I thought some of you might be interested in. This was the 10th Anniversary of the Cinematheque, so they decided to conduct a poll similar to the S&S poll.

This poll differed from the S&S one as it was limited to the Best films of the 1990s (no re-releases or restorations) and was voted on by a 'blue ribbon panel' of 59 film curators, archivists and programmers from around the world (Toronto, London, NY, Boston, Japan, Rotterdam, Rome, Paris, etc.).
Each were asked to list their 10 best films of the 1990s.
Here are the 41 films which comprised the top 25."


El Sol del Membrillo

 Victor Erice

 57 votes

And Life Goes On Abbas Kiarostami 49 votes

Through the Olive Trees 

Abbas Kiarostami 49 votes

Drifting Clouds  

Aki Kaurismaki 

 48 votes


Abbas Kiarostami

46 votes

Breaking the Waves  

Lars von Trier

46 votes


Bela Tarr

41 votes

Flowers of Shanghai  

Hou Hsiaohsien

39 votes

Taste of Cherry

  Abbas Kiarostam

 39 votes

Chungking Express  

Wong Kar wai

38 votes

Fireworks (HaniBi) 

 Takeshi Kitano  

38 votes

The Thin Red Line  Terence Malick  38 votes Histoire(s) du Cinema  JeanLuc Godard  36 votes A Brighter Summer Day  Edward Yang  36 votes A Moment of Innocence  Mohsen Makhmalbaf  34 votes
Goodfellas  Martin Scorsese  33 votes Cold Water (L'eau Froid)  Olivier Assayas  33 votes Mother and Son  Alexander Sokurov  32 votes Vive L'amour  Tsai Mingliang  31 votes Nouvelle Vague JeanLuc Godard  31 votes
Abraham's Valley  Manoel de Oliveira  30 votes Safe  Todd Haynes  30 votes Dead Man  Jim Jarmusch  30 votes The Sweet Hereafter  Atom Egoyan  28 votes Unforgiven  Clint Eastwood  28 votes
Exotica  Atom Egoyan  28 votes Sonatine  Takeshi Kitano  27 votes Maborosi  Hirokazu Koreeda  26 votes Naked  Mike Leigh  26 votes La Vie de Jesus  Bruno Dumont  25 votes
Fargo  The Coen Brothers  25 votes Pulp Fiction  Quentin Tarantino  24 votes La Belle Noiseuse  Jacques Rivette  23 votes Van Gogh  Maurice Pialat  23 votes Three Colors: Red  Krzysztof Kieslowski  23 votes
The Last Bolshevik  Chris Marker  22 votes Dear Diary  Nanni Moretti  21 votes Crumb  Terry Zwigoff  20 votes The Puppetmaster  Hou Hsiaohsien  18 votes Goodbye South Goodbye  Hou Hsiaohsien  18 votes
Sicilia!  JeanMarie Straub & Daniele Huillet  17 votes