directed by Otto Preminger
UK 1965

 The vast range of responses to and assessments of this movie here are a tribute to what an odd film this is in many ways. And it's difficult to comment on some of its oddest features (chiefly the performances of Dullea and Lynley) without giving away aspects of the plot that it's best you don't know when seeing the movie. I guess it's safe to say that I found both of these performances underwhelming but adequate. To be fair, both of them come off better by the end of the film than they do in its first third. Your take on Lynley's character will definitely evolve as the film progresses, which must in some degree be to her credit.

But by far the most compelling reason to see the film is Olivier's rich and understated performance from the period post-Archie Rice but pre-Othello. It takes a while for his character to appear, but once he arrives, he is unquestionably the center of the film, at the true heart of what's good about it. (The last 20 minutes of the film, maligned elsewhere in these IMDB comments, would probably have benefited greatly from a little more of his presence.)

His every moment onscreen is fascinating and worthwhile, and the script gives him some fine moments of verbal eccentricity which he delivers with variety and brilliance -- we leave this film wanting to know even more about his character, because he just seems so interesting beneath the surface.

Excerpt from Michael Moricz' review on IMdb located HERE


Theatrical Release: October 3rd, 1965 - UK

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• Preview Trailers of "The Grudge" and "The Forgotten" , "Bonjour Tristesse"

DVD Release Date: January 25th 2005

Keep Case
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It is a shame that this is such a bare bones release. NO extras aside from some current trailers and one upcoming DVD. The image quality is quite good - bordering on magnificent. Contrast is top notch. Black levels are very good. Original audio is offered as are optional (disgusting yellow) subtitles. It would be nice if CTS put some effort into their release nowadays. I guess we shouldn't complain - it is out finally and the picture quality is very nice. out of

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Distribution Columbia Tri-Star - Region 1- NTSC




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