directed by Elia Kazan
USA 1947

When a Bridgeport priest is found murdered, suspicion quickly falls on down-and-out Kennedy. As he is the only suspect, it seems likely that he will have to pay for the crime, guilty or not, as the locals need a culprit to lay their fears to rest. Step in Andrews, the State Attorney, who is determined that justice will be done no matter what public opinion dictates. Based on an actual case and shot in impressive semi-documentary style by Kazan, Boomerang raises a complex issue without falling for the temptation to offer easy solutions. The performances, especially by Andrews, are spot on.

Excerpt from Channel 4 located HERE


The first of Louis de Rochemont's documentary-styled dramas (he was the producer of the newsreel series The March of Time). Dana Andrews, the honest DA of a corrupt New England town, defends an innocent man accused of killing a priest. This 1947 film is limited in scope and feeling, but the superficial dramatics work well enough. The direction is the work of a young Elia Kazan, a few years before he found himself.


Excerpt from Dave Kehr's capsule review at the Chicago Reader located HERE


Theatrical Release: 5 March 1947

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DVD Review: 20th Century Fox - Region 1 - NTSC

Big thanks to Gregory Meshman for the Review!

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20th Century Fox

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• Commentary by film historians James Ursini and Alain Silver
• Photo galleries
• Fox Noir Trailers: I Wake Up Screaming, House of Strangers, Vicki
• Theatrical Trailer

Original DVD Release Date: June 6, 2006 (WITHDRAWN)
Keep Case

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NOTE (August 08'): It's back! - and exactly the same as I can determine - same extras (commentary is there) - same transfer. But it still not listed at Amazon US yet - only on Amazon Canada (they deliver worldwide) - and that's where I got my copy from. It's so cheap it's ridiculous.


NOTE: As Brian tells us: "Fox cancelled the Boomerang! release at the last minute (presumably due to a rights snafu) after it had been shipped to retailers. Similar situation to the original release of Ed Wood (or De Sica's Shoeshine) where copies still trickled out despite the cancellation."


Gregory tells us: 'There's some flickering and a bit of damage, but overall the print is good. The sound quality is fine, although I heard a bit of crackle in one scene between Dana Andrews and Jane Wyatt. The included Boomerang trailer is missing text and narration...'

DVDBeaver would never stoop so low as to croon 'nah, nah, nah, nah - we have it and you don't!' but, well...

It looks as good as any of the past Fox Noir releases - fine digital noise, good grey-tones and contrast. Get out to your local Borders and see if you can snag a copy or two. If this doesn't resurface soon, it may be a great clandestine disc to own!

-Gary Tooze


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20th Century Fox

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