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Poland 1987

This is the brilliant series of ten films directed and co-written by Krzysztof Kieslowski for Polish television in 1987. Each short films is loosely but philosophically accurate in its basis on one of each of the Ten Commandments. Diagnosing moral ambiguities with simplistic and gripping realism is only scratching the surface of this probing and infinity everlasting series of short films that bind themselves together on a ultimately fascinating premise of the scriptures and the tablets of Moses. This is 'it' folks.      

 Gary W. Tooze


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DVD Comparison:

Warner (Poland) Region 0 - PAL vs. FACETS (Special Edition) region 1- NTSC vs. FACETS / Image Entertainment - Region 0 - NTSC vs. Infinity Entertainment (Korean) - Region 0 - NTSC

Big Thanks to Enrique Chamorro for the SE screen caps and Spreadsheet below and Paul Whitelock for rest of the screen captures!

(Warner (Poland) Region 0 - PAL FAR LEFT vs. Facets (SE) region 1- NTSC SECOND vs. Facets / Image Entertainment - R0 - NTSC - THIRD vs. Infinity Entertainment - R0 - NTSC - FAR RIGHT)

DVD Box Covers

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Warner (Poland) 

Region 0 - PAL

FACETS / Image Entertainment

Region 1  - NTSC

FACETS / Image Entertainment

Region 1  - NTSC

Region 0 - NTSC
Runtime 580 minutes * 560 minutes 561 minutes 613 minutes
Video 1.33 Original Aspect Ratio
Average Bitrate: see below
PAL 720x576 25.00 f/s
1.33 Original Aspect Ratio
Average Bitrate: 4.75 mb/s
NTSC 704x480 29.97 f/s

1.33 Original Aspect Ratio
Average Bitrate: 5.6mb/s
NTSC 704x480 29.97 f/s

1.33:1 OAR
Average Bitrate: 5.72
NTSC 704x480 29.97 f/s

Audio Polish (Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono), Polish (Dolby Digital 5.0 Stereo) Polish (Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono) Polish (Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono)

Polish (Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono)

Subtitles Polish, English, French and None English, and none English (non-removable) English, Korean and none
Release Information:
Studio: Warner - Poland

Aspect Ratio:
Full Screen (Standard) - 1.33:1

Edition Details:

Episode - Episode Length / Extras Length


Dekalog 01 - 53:20 / 23:55

Dekalog 02 - 56:44 / 25:27

Dekalog 03 - 55:35 / 20:53

Dekalog 04 - 55:20 / 21:08

Dekalog 05 - 57:24 / 26:06

Dekalog 06 - 58:31 / 23:46

Dekalog 07 - 55:02 / 22:31

Dekalog 08 - 54:15 / 26:31

Dekalog 09 - 58:01 / 17:29

Dekalog 10 - 57:16 / 33:36

The 11th disc ("Archiwum") 
(total length of disc 11 was 3 hours, 21 minutes), but the only people who will appreciate it are those who speak Polish.




Dekalog 01 - 7.42 Mb/sec
Dekalog 02 - 5.97 Mb/sec
Dekalog 03 - 7.42 Mb/sec
Dekalog 04 - 5.98 Mb/sec
Dekalog 05 - 5.97 Mb/sec
Dekalog 06 - 5.97 Mb/sec
Dekalog 07 - 5.96 Mb/sec
Dekalog 08 - 6.46 Mb/sec
Dekalog 09 - 6.45 Mb/sec
Dekalog 10 - 5.98 Mb/sec


DVD Release Date: November 26th, 2003
Box Set

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Release Information:
Studio: Facets Video
Production Company: Facets Video

Aspect Ratio:
Full Screen (Standard) - 1.33:1

Edition Details:
• Color
• "Roger Ebert on The Decalogue"
• "On the Set of The Decalogue"
• "Kieslowski Meets the Press"
• "Kieslowski Known and Unknown"
• Booklet
• Number of discs: 3

Specifics HERE

DVD Release Date: August 19th, 2003
Box Set


Release Information:
Studio: Facets / Image Entertainment

Aspect Ratio:
Full Screen (Standard) - 1.33:1

Edition Details:
• All Regions
• Color

Specifics HERE

DVD Release Date: April 18, 2000
Box Set

Release Information:
Studio: Infinity Entertainment

Aspect Ratio:
Full Screen (Standard) - 1.33:1

Edition Details:
The entire 10-episode "Dekalog" mini series on 5 discs, each episode based on one of the Ten Commandments, along with a bonus disc with the 56-minute documentary feature, "Krzysztof Kieslowski: I'm So-So...", all packaged together in a huge collector's box. Includes the following episodes:
I Am the Lord Thy God (53 mins.)
Thou Shalt Not Take the Name of Thy Lord God in Vain (53 mins.)
Honor the Sabbath Day (56 mins.)
Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother (55 mins.)
Thou Shalt Not Kill (57 mins.)
Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery (58 mins.)
Thou Shalt Not Steal (55 mins.)
Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness (55 mins.)
Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor's Wife (58 mins.)
Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor's Goods (57 mins.)

DVD Release Date: 2003
Box Set


Comments: NOTE: The Dekalog:

I tried ordering the box set from Astabe several months ago only to find it was out of stock. I waited patiently for it to reappear, and when it did I ordered a copy, feeling pleased that the price had dropped. When it arrived I found out why: The box set seems no longer to be in print (you might want to confirm this), despite the photo on the website. What was sent were the individual episodes on 10 single DVDs (no extra special features disc.) As it happens, this is much to be preferred since I am not crazy about odd sized box sets, especially where I have to open box after box to get to the disc I want.

BTW, price as delivered: about US$130. And you may have understated how much better these discs are than the Facets. My impression is that it represents the greatest discrepancy I've encountered thus far. (Thanks Leonard !)


ADDITION (January 2004 ) of the Warner (Polish) version.

The Polish edition of the Dekalog is an eleven DVD set with an individual episode and extras on each of the first ten discs, and an "Archive" collection on the eleventh disc.


The set's features include beautiful motion menus with transitions, chapter selection (with motion thumbnails for each chapter), English and French subtitles for each of the ten episodes, the option of the original mono audio or a Dolby Digital 5.0 mix, and a total of over seven hours of extras (none of which are subtitled).


The PAL Region 0 DVDs are packaged in two fold-out sections contained within a cardboard slipcase. The graphic design for the DVDs (each of which has a unique silkscreen) and for the fold-outs is excellent, but the cardboard slipcase is a bit thin.


Regarding the transfer of the episodes, the color appears to be more natural than any of the other editions. The Facets releases seem to be de-saturated and washed out, while the Korean Infinity release seems to be oversaturated. Detail for the Polish edition is very good, and is in general much better than any other release. The film elements are in fairly good shape, but there is some dust and some scratches that are visible.


It appears that there is some cropping on the Polish edition and that it is different from the cropping on other editions. For example, the stills from Dekalog 8 show more information at the top of the frame for the Polish edition, and more information at the bottom of the frame for the other editions. Some Polish edition episodes have more horizontal information than any of the other versions. Even though there might be a degree of cropping in some cases, the Polish edition's framing is preferable to any of the other available versions.


In summary, if you love the Dekalog and must have the best available version, then this is it. The biggest disappointment is that there are no subtitles for any of the extensive extras included with the set. The set is published by Warner Home Video, so perhaps there is a possibility that it could eventually be released in the U.S. (all that would need to be done is to add subtitles for the extras and to create English menus). If it was not for the lack of subtitles for the extras, and perhaps the high price point (approximately $187 US), this would be a front-runner for "DVD of the Year."


RE: SUBTITLES (Warner Poland) Examples from the first three episodes can be found HERE NOTE: The text sounds choppy without the images, but it seems to be at least as good as the Facets (based on the episodes that I've atched so far). It might even be more accurate than the Facets in some places but I can't say for sure since I don't know more than a few words of Polish.

 Paul Whitelock

The Infinity release is in general (but not always) softer than the Facets release, but I think that it has it has better color fidelity to the original film elements than the Facets does (again, in general). For example, regarding Dekalog 5 I remember reading that Kieslowski said to his cinematographer something like "If you want to shoot the film in s**t green, that's your business." Until the Infinity release I've never seen 5 in green (the Korean "A Short Film About Killing" DVD is more yellow than green).

The Facets release seems to be cropped a bit and is missing some content at the top and bottom (as compared with the Infinity). The Infinity has a bit of black on the left and/or right edges of the image (in order to get the full vertical content in frame). You can see the cropping clearly in the Dekalog 10 screen captures.

The most surprising difference is that each episode of the Facets is SHORTER than the Infinity. The time difference builds up gradually, which leads me to believe that the Facets might have been mastered from a PAL video source.

The only significant shortcoming of the Infinity release is the quality of the English subtitles. The subtitle text has some spelling, grammatical, and typographical errors, and in some instances is displayed on the screen for too short a period of time. The amount of dialog contained in the Decalogue is less than a typical film, so the problem is mitigated a bit, but nevertheless you might find the subtitle errors distracting. Examples from the first three episodes can be found HERE

The Infinity set contains the documentary "I'm so-so..." on a separate DVD and a booklet (written in Korean). The DVDs also contain a "What is Dekalog..." on each disc, which appears to be a description (in Korean text) of each episode.

 Paul Whitelock


DVD Menus


For Warner (Polish) DVD (CLICK for larger version)




(Warner (Poland) Region 0 - PAL
TOP vs. Facets (SE) region 1- NTSC SECOND vs. Facets / Image Entertainment - R0 - NTSC - THIRD vs. Infinity Entertainment - R0 - NTSC - BOTTOM)



(Warner (Poland) Region 0 - PAL FAR LEFT vs. Facets (SE) region 1- NTSC SECOND vs. Facets / Image Entertainment - R0 - NTSC - THIRD vs. Infinity Entertainment - R0 - NTSC - FAR RIGHT)


CLICK to Enlarge


D1055.13F.jpg D1055.13I.jpg
D1002.13F.jpg D1002.13I.jpg
 Decalogue 10 (above)
D0847.13F.jpg D0847.13I.jpg
D0805.43F.jpg D0805.43I.jpg
 Decalogue 8 (above)
D0705.47F.jpg D0705.47I.jpg
 Decalogue 7 (above)
D0605.21F.jpg D0605.21I.jpg
 Decalogue 6 (above)
D0507.01F.jpg D0507.01I.jpg
 Decalogue 5 (above)
D0405.32F.jpg D0405.32I.jpg
 Decalogue 4 (above)
D0345.55F.jpg D0345.55I.jpg
 Decalogue 3 (above)
  D0254.45F.jpg D0254.45I.jpg
D0220.08F.jpg D0220.08I.jpg
 Decalogue 2 (above)
D0127.47F.jpg D0127.47I.jpg
 Decalogue 1 (above)


Recommended Film reading on Kieslowski (CLICK COVERS or TITLES for more information)




Old US R1 NTSC version       New US R1 NTSC version    
  VOB File Dates 9/28/2000         VOB File Dates 2/6/2036  Stated on all 3 discs ?
Note:           Note:        
All ep. start with a 10 sec +/- intro displaying BAP   All ep. start with a 13 sec +/- intro displaying Facets Video
Disc/Side Episode Time Bit Rate Chapters   Disc/Side Episode Time Bit Rate Chapters
01/A 1 53:10:00 5.60 8   01/A 1 53:12:00 5.21 9
01/A 2 56:36:00 5.60 8   01/A 2 56:38:00 5.13 9
01/A 3 55:26:00 5.60 8   01/A 3 55:30:00 5.11 7
02/A 4 55:12:00 5.60 8   02/A 4 55:16:00 4.80 7
02/A 5 57:16:00 5.50 8   02/A 5 57:20:00 4.44 7
02/A 6 58:22:00 5.60 8   02/A 6 58:26:00 4.26 8
03/A 7 54:52:00 5.80 8   03/A 7 55:00:00 4.80 8
03/A 8 54:06:00 5.60 8   03/A 8 54:10:00 4.32 7
03/B 9 57:54:00 5.60 8   03/A 9 57:58:00 4.60 8
03/B 10 57:04:00 5.60 8   03/A 10 57:08:00 4.80 8
            01/A Roger Ebert on The Decalogue - 2001
          15:51:00 4.54 1
      03/A On the set of The Decalogue - 1988
          3:26:00 5.40 1
      03/A Kieslowski Meets the Press - 1988
          41:36:00 4.70 1
      03/A Kieslowski Known and Unknown - 1988
                13:21:00 5.50 1


*  The only difference in times is the BAP intro on the old and Facets Intro on the new.

Facets (SE) Region 1- NTSC LEFT vs. Facets / Image Entertainment - R0 - NTSC - RIGHT

MOUSE OVER THE NEW FACETS DVD LOGO (left) to see the beginning of the INTRO.



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Warner - PAL


Warner - PAL

Extras: Infinity
Menu: Warner - PAL


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